Funny Donald Trump And Kim Jong Meeting Memes

The recent meeting between President Trump and his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-Un was a truly remarkable event, particulary when you consider that it was only a matter of months ago that they were trading ‘little rocket man’ and ‘dotard’ insults.

The reaction to the meeting has been mixed, with critics believing little of substance has actually been agreed. However no matter what you think about President Trump, and I have many reservations about his character myself, you have to admit that the change from threatening and bellicose language to constructive dialogue is an achievement in itself and a positive step towards peace. So good for him.

That said, these are two of the world’s more unusual leaders, and they both have a high comedic value. With the internet being what it is, there was never any doubt that this momentous occasion would be an absolute goldmine for meme-makers, and they have not disappointed. We here at I BAE U have made a list of favorites for your viewing pleasure, so scroll down below and check them out. Oh, and don’t forget to up vote your faves too!






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