28 Funniest Replies to Wrong Number Texts That Are Crazy

There are several types of funny conversation on chat but the best is getting engaged in a wrong number and texting funny replies to create humor are something trending on internet with a buzz. Taking a gig at the senders message is the hilarious thing in funny conversations.Below are 28 Funniest Replies to Wrong Number Texts That Are Crazy

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1.What’s worse than getting a text from the wrong number? Getting a text that really gets your hopes up. Sometimes the wrong person is actually the right person. Too bad “Dude” didn’t realize the friendship that could have come out of this mistake.

2. There’s nothing as disappointing as being given a wrong number. At least this guy received the rejection in a pretty uplifting, humorous manner.


3. Let’s hope the recipient of this text message has watched the movie Taken at some point in their life. If they have, the whole misunderstanding of a wrong number can be resolved with the reenactment (text version) of the famous line from the movie. If they haven’t, they might be a little frightened by a threat from who they believe is ‘Chloe’.

4. We’re not sure if this person texted two different people with the same mistake of using the same wrong number, or whether he is genuinely interested on making moves on the person that he is selling his car to… Either way, it’s peculiar.

5. Sometimes the pranking can really take a toll on a person. Here’s a case where the victim had enough and ended up spilling all of his problems to a complete stranger.


While there are those kind souls that simply inform you that you have the wrong number, there are those joksters that get a good prank out of your small mistake. It’s all fun and games until you find out that you still need to get ready for work after thinking that someone was going to cover your shift.

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