16 Funniest Weird Cheap Innovations That Were Made From A Tight Budget

When you run out of money,that is the time when you’ll be most creative. You’ll turn up to find new life hacks and to adjust the things in whatever money you have. Below are Best life hacks of the world that will make you wonder at the same time amuse you with its extraordinary innovation.Below are 16 Funniest Weird Cheap Innovations That Were Made From A Tight Budget

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1. For those kids who are in the ‘missing my two front teeth’ phase: Here’s a way to make your brushing experience easier and more comfortable. Cut out a slot around the missing teeth and avoid scrubbing and irritating your gums.

2. Here’s one guy that’s really trying to avoid going to the mechanic. I’m just not sure how long that coat hanger will be able to sufficiently hold up that exhaust pipe.

3. This is one creative way to have a pair of roller blades without actually having to spend money on a pair of roller blades. A pair of rubber boots and legos sure do the trick!

4. There can be two explanations: Either this person really wanted some extra car security, or their actual car lock is broken and they had to improvise.

5. This is one interesting picture. I’m not sure how safe it is to have a washing machine over the toilet, but I guess if it allows for connecting two household appliances to one water source than it’s worth it!

6. That does not look like a very safe method of cooking. One breaking rope and there could be a great disaster.

7. Some people are really protective over their food. If you’re one of those people, you can invest in this padlock, and you’ll know that everyone will keep their hands off.

8. A household cable should be the one exception to the list of homemade household appliances.

9. Duct Tape is universal. It’s used all around the world and it can be used to patch up just about anything… even cracks in the road!

10. That’s one way of making sure that no one can steal your phone! Just make sure you’re up for carrying out that extra weight from the padlock.

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