15 Weirdest Soups in the History Made From Genitals of Animals

Soup is considered as a starter to the main course. It has its own benefit as a diet. People who are on diet Prefer only Soup in dinner. But Soup Variety is very diversified across the planet. In different countries, there are different recipes which cut down to some of the weirdest made from the genitals and the organs of carnivores as well as herbivores that will make you go Awww.


15. Soup Kiburu


This is a favorite soup Chagga tribe, whose members live at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The basic elements are the banana and coffee – what they are available. The third ingredient in the soup is dirt, which acts as a seasoning. Cook this soup is very simple.

14. iguana soup


Soup will be served throughout the Caribbean region, particularly in Aruba, where the iguana is considered a chicken. In it, except meat, lots of vegetables. Iguana really reminds chicken to taste, but it is bony and with scales, but it is considered an aphrodisiac. The fact that two iguanas penis precisely one, but branched.

13. Soup “Dragon-Tiger-Phoenix”

This soup is a magical name is a traditional Chinese cuisine, exclusive in southern China, for example, in Guangdong. But it does not present the ingredients stated in the title – it’s just a metaphor. In the soup to eat meat snakes, as the dragon, cat, civet, as a tiger and chicken, as a phoenix.

12. Soup Tien Khan


This is a traditional soup Asians. Bloody Vietnamese soup made from fresh duck blood, but strangely does not end there, since it is necessary to add a goiter and birds. To the blood clot, it was cooled in the refrigerator, and thus fed. It is believed that the soup and gives strength to the one who eats, and the one who prepared it.

11. Menudo Soup


This is a traditional soup, in English it is called “The Mexican soup”, which is prepared in the cow stomach for special occasions, such as for the treatment of a hangover. The main ingredients of this stomach cows and corn porridge. Soup cook on low heat for a long time and, as they say, it turns out very tasty thanks to the delicate stomach.

10. Soup of beer



Beer soup – a paradise for beer lovers, as it is served with bread for breakfast, a symbol of good days. It was invented in Germany, but in time to the Middle Ages it became popular throughout Europe. The main ingredient in the soup, of course, have a beer, to which you add fried flour. However, there are different recipes, some of them still use potatoes.

9. Soup bats


This soup is popular on the islands of Palau in the Pacific. It is prepared from bats despite diseases that these animals are spread, and coconut milk, wherein the animal meat, and cooked for several hours. Some restaurants offer a taste soup from a plate which looks the head of a bat.

8. Hush


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